Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Winter Good Hair Care For Straight Hair

Nick Chavez who seems to be a celebrity hair stylist along with a QVC Good Hair Care Expert. The environment has probably the most damaging effects on hair in winter and summer however, the winter season is often worse because individuals generally usually do not take extra precautions to guard their hair. He is also the owner of Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Salon

Freezing climate with a ski slope is just as intense as sun exposure by the pool. Combining this by using a blustery winter wind which affects the hair as well as the icy cold, snore and rain, which all makes hair dry and brittle, can all come together to produce some pretty bad winter hair days says Nick.

How You Can Protect Straight Hair Against The Cold Months

Well, it is a known proven fact that winter air may be particularly dry. Because of this, it really is a simple fact that many individuals with natural hair have trouble with retaining moisture and preventing breakages. It is important to recognize that the very first thing a person will see is when you may have or representing yourself.  In other words, a person will look into you physically (how you walk, talk, the clothes you possess, your own hair style and the way you talk) and it generally affects your everyday work and even life.

Now, one thing to do is by using a thick, rich and moisturizing conditioner and use it regularly once you feel your is dry. According to Nick, the most effective product to obtain is the fact which contains fatty acids and humectants. His reason is not only since they are the ideal at moisturizing hair, but simply because they aid in attracting and holding moisture from the hair that this might be challenging in the wintertime weather.

Harris, who developed his type of damage control hair products, which are offered at Salon Marc Harris agreed with Nick's statements. The key ingredients in their hair protective items are panthenol and soy proteins which are all must have to regulate winter hair. For Chavez, whose Perfect Plus line of good hair care goods are sure sell-outs for electronic retailer QVC, the real key to selecting the best conditioner has everything concerning knowing your hair type.

Chavez mentioned that in case you have been blessed with natural ultra-thick heavy Asian hair or the thick African American natural hair, you might need a heavy thick conditioning pack, and deep treatment for about half an hour or at best 2 times weekly. However, since because these types of hair naturally hold oil on the roots and the remainder of the hair can look so dry he recommends not conditioning the spot nearest the scalp during winter. has a pretty good resource on how to find a good hair dryers that has ionic properties; this helps retain hair moisture in these crucial times.

When you are applying hair products, you must begin from 2 inches away from the scalp and also pull it throughout the hair towards the ends.

Mr. Harris recommended individuals to avoid conditioning pack should your hair is thin and fine.  This is because , the conditioner is heavy for such type of hair even once it has been damaged. Instead, he encouraged the usage of normal hair conditioners each time you are washing hair. After that, you ought to supplement it having a light conditioner in spray. However, it should be very light or it may well weigh down fine hair making it flat and limp.

Both men recommend supplementing the hair with all of natural hair products and treatments of vegetable oil. Harris prefers Safflower while Chavez prefers Olive oil.